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Cat Enclosure Tunnels connect your cat enclosure to your house.

The Tunnels are used to connect an enclosure to your house. Their are 3 different types of tunnels available, ground, aerial and vertical tunnels. They are great for connecting the enclosure to the house, or to link up more than 1 enclosure.

All the tunnels can be made to any length by joining them together with c-Clips supplied. The aerial tunnels have a base they are great when it needs to be off the ground going along a wall of the fence. They can also be purchased in short lengths.

Tunnels Connect Your Enclosure To Your House

The tunnels are designed to connect to your house, and to the enclosure with a cat flap installed into your house.

Ground Tunnel

The Ground Tunnels are as their name implies, they go on the ground. Connecting more than 1 to create a Ground Run.
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Cat Enclosure Ground Tunnel

Aerial Tunnel

The Aerial Tunnels have a base so they can go along a fence or along a wall up off the ground. More Info.

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Vertical Tunnel

The Vertical Tunnel complements the tunnel by allowing them to go straight up a wall or fence to any height required. More Info.

Vertical Tunnel


Things To Consider When Choosing A Cat Enclosure

This free eBook will help you with planning with the best options for a cat enclosure in your backyard.

Building A Cat Enclosure Ebook
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