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Cat Proof Fence

Cat Proof Fence

If you have a fully fenced yard, with the cat proof fencing we can enclose the entire backyard with an existing palling fence. By using upright netting fixing posts around the fence we can hang the netting from it, the netting angles back which stops the cats from climbing up and over.

Product Details

  • Fits Steps & Day Beds
  • Access door
  • 1.8mtr High
  • Free Standing
castle with tunnel

Accessories »


  • Toilet Box
  • Sleep Box
  • Timber Base
  • Weather Proof Roofing
castle with tunnel

Tunnels »


  • Ground Tunnel
  • Aerial Tunnel
  • Vertical Tunnel
  • Custom Size

Connect Your Enclosure To The House

The enclosures are designed to be connected to your house, with our Tunnels that go from the enclosure to a cat flap installed to your house.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Cat Enclosure

This free eBook will help you with planning with the best options for a cat enclosure in your backyard.

Building A Cat Enclosure Ebook
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