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Cat Enclosures

W​e have a choice of standard sizes that can also be cut down to fit your area. Our cat enclosures can easily be connected to your house window with some tunnel, so your cat is safe while enjoying the outdoors. Our cat enclosures are made from heavy-duty galvanized wire mesh. They come in kit form and can be delivered to your door, or if you are in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs we can assemble and install it for you. All of the enclosures have a access door for us to do any maintenance. We have steps and day bed platforms for the felines to be up in to top sections of the enclosures. By using the tunnels to connect a second enclosure with different areas as well as a tunnel to the house with a cat door in the wall or window.

Connect Your Enclosure To The House

The enclosures are designed to be connected to your house, with our Tunnels that go from the enclosure to a cat flap installed to your house.

Gate House Kits

The Gate House is one of our small enclosures that is 178cm long and 88cm high. It has a access door for any maintenance and it can accommodate 2 day beds, one at each end.
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gatehouse cat enclosure

Watch House Kit

The Watch House is another small enclosure, it is 178cm tall which allows the cats to go up high if they desire. With 2 step platforms leading upto a day bed up the top. More Info.

watch house cat enclosure

Fortress Kit

fortress medium enclosure The Fortress is our medium enclosure, being 178cm long and 178cm high it can easily accommodate 2 day beds and 3 step platforms. More Info.

Fortress Cat Enclosure

Slimline Palace Kit

Being 265cm in length it is long and narrow allowing it to fit in a small side yard. It will easily accommodate 4-6 step platforms and 2 day beds. More Info.

slimline palace on timber base

Castle Kit

This is our large enclosure, being 178cm square it can easily accommodate 3 step platforms and 3 triangle day beds. It comes with a standard door for maintenance but can be upgraded to a steel frame door if you are intending to go in it every day. More Info.

Castle With Door Open On Timber Base

Palace Kit

This is our largest enclosure kit, the ground area is 265cm long and 178cm deep. It comes with a steel frame door, it can easily accommodate 6 step platforms and 3 day bed platforms. More Info.

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Things To Consider When Choosing A Cat Enclosure

This free eBook will help you with planning with the best options for a cat enclosure in your backyard.

Building A Cat Enclosure Ebook
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