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Cat Enclosures Accessories

We make the Accessories here at CKE so you can complement your enclosure with quality add on products, from external toilet boxes with hinged lid for easy access to litter tray, water proof roofing, great for those wet days, timber flooring, allows the enclosure to go on uneven surfaces, sleep boxes and steel frame door for easily entering the enclosure multiple times a day.

Connect Your Enclosure To The House

The enclosures are designed to be connected to your house, with our Tunnels that go from the enclosure to a cat flap installed to your house.


The Toilet Timber Box screws to the Enclosures, it has a hinged lift up lid for your access to litter tray and a round access hole in the side for Feline access to tray.

Cat Enclosure Litter Box

LITTER BOX wire mesh

The Wire Mesh Toilet Box connects to the Enclosures with Tunnel, allows some distance from enclosure. It has a hinged lift up lid for your access to litter tray and a access hole is easily cut in the side for Feline access to tray.

Litter Box Wire Mesh


Timber Sleep Box goes inside the enclosure, with a lift up lid for access and a round hole in the side for feline access. It is large enough to sleep 2 cats comfortably.

Sleep Box


The Timber Floor fixes to the base of the enclosure with fixing screws, this allows the enclosure to go on uneven surfaces or it can easily be put wheels. Or have half Timber Base and half natural ground. The more variety the better.

Castle With Door Open On Timber Base


The Steel Frame door is great for the larger enclosures when entering the Enclosure multiple times a day, it has 1 locking latch instead of 2 latches that are on the standard doorway .

Steel Frame Door

Weather Proof Roofing

The Water Proof Roofing is great for those wet days. It is clear Pollycarbonate roofing and slightly angled to allow the water to run off. c-Clips are used for fixing the roofing to the Enclosures

WPO Image


Customer Feedback

Sue Johnson

Our cats think the Cat Enclosure is the best thing we ever bought.
Castle With Tunnels

Talaria Witton

The cat run is a big hit with my cats. I am pleased that the run blends in with the garden. Overall, extremely pleased.
Fortress And Aerial Tunnel
  • Steps & Day Beds
  • Free Standing
  • 1.8mtr High
  • Access door
castle with tunnel

Accessories »


  • Toilet Box
  • Sleep Box
  • Timber Base
  • Weather Proof Roofing
castle with tunnel

Tunnels »


  • Ground Tunnel
  • Aerial Tunnel
  • Vertical Tunnel
  • Custom Size

Things To Consider When Choosing A Cat Enclosure

This free eBook will help you with planning with the best options for a cat enclosure in your backyard.

Building A Cat Enclosure Ebook
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