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W​ith a choice of sizes our cat enclosure kits for sale in Australia can easily be connected to your house window with our tunnels, so you can relax with peace of mind that your cat is safe while enjoying the outdoors. Our outdoor enclosures are made from heavy-duty galvanized wire mesh. They can be purchased in kit form and delivered to your door, or if you are in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs we can assemble and install it for you. We also have a selection of cat tunnels that allow the cat enclosures to be transformed into a cat run, by connecting the tunnels to a second enclosure allowing different areas as well as linking a tunnel up to your house with a cat door in the window or wall.

​​​Keep Your Cats S​afe

The enclosures are designed to be connected to your house, with our Tunnels that go from the enclosure to a cat flap installed to your house.

Cat Enclosure Kits

​The enclosures are available in various sizes to accommodate your requirements, from extra small to extra large ​with alterations available to suit any area that is appropriate for your backyard and cat. They all come standard with an access door for you to be able to enter the cat enclosures, we also have the option to upgrade to a steel frame door if you plan on entering the enclosure several times a day. The enclosures can be purchased as a complete kit (includes platforms and day beds), or the economy kit is just the enclosure without the platforms. they come standard as a flat pack kit, the small to medium enclosures can be purchased pre-assembled before delivery. More Info

Castle With Door Open On Timber Base

Cat Enclosure Tunnels

The Tunnels are to connect​ an enclosure to your house. Their are 3 different types of tunnels available, ground, aerial and vertical tunnels. They are great for connecting the enclosure to the house, or to link up more than 1 cat enclosure. All the tunnels can be made to any length by joining together with c-Clips supplied. The aerial tunnels have a base they are great when it needs to be off the ground going along a wall of the fence. They can also be purchased in short lengths. More Info.

Cat Enclosure Tunnel


External Toilet Boxes, Timber Base, Poly carbonate Roofing, Sleep Boxes, Steel Frame Door and more are made here by us. They easily connect to the enclosures. The external Toilet Boxes have a hinged lift up lid, making it easy to get to the litter tray. The Timber base is another option to give your cat some variety and with some clear Poly carbonate Roofing, your cat can use the enclosure when it is wet. Their is also the option to purchase extra platforms. More Info.

Cat Enclosure Accessories

Custom Built

Cat Enclosures that utilize the side of your house and fence, by having end panel and netting to enclose the entire area or just a section of the area. If you have a door way into the house in the same area you can install a cat flap in the door to allow you cat to access both areas. Most setups will have an access gate at one in the end panel. Some platforms can be added to the house wall or fence for your cat to enjoy being up of the ground. More Info.

Custom Enclosure Along Side Of House

Cat Proof Fencing

If you have a fully fenced yard, with the cat proof fencing we can enclose the entire backyard with an existing palling fence. By using upright netting fixing posts around the fence we can hang the netting from it, the netting angles back which stop the cats from climbing up and over. More Info.

Cat Proof Fence


Things To Consider When Choosing A Cat Enclosure

This free eBook will help you with planning with the best options for a cat enclosure in your backyard.

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Building A Cat Enclosure Ebook

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  • Fits Steps & Day Beds
  • Access door
  • 1.8mtr High
  • Free Standing
Cat Enclosure Litter Box

Accessories »


  • Toilet Box
  • Sleep Box
  • Timber Base
  • Weather Proof Roofing
Cat Enclosure Tunnel

Tunnels »


  • Ground Tunnel
  • Aerial Tunnel
  • Vertical Tunnel
  • Custom Size

Sue Johnson

Our cats think the Cat Enclosure is the best thing we ever bought.
Castle With Tunnels

Talaria Witton

The cat run is a big hit with my cats. I am pleased that the run blends in with the garden. Overall, extremely pleased.
Fortress And Aerial Tunnel

Things To Consider When Choosing A Cat Enclosure

This free eBook will help you with planning with the best options for a cat enclosure in your backyard.

Building A Cat Enclosure Ebook
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Full Price List

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